We have a Kavo OP 3D Award winning innovation for 3D imaging technology

KaVo OP 3D provides advanced imaging using complete X-ray systems. This innovative device is easy to use and contains award-winning dental imaging features. With a comprehensible user interface, KaVo OP 3D offers cutting-edge imaging for dental practitioners, surgeons, orthodontists, and prosthodontists.

At DNTL, you can take advantage of this modern dental healthcare innovation. These are some of its benefits:

  • Fast and accurate image review
  • Free from lead
  • Easy-to-use and configurable device
  • Panoramic scanning in less than ten seconds
  • Outstanding 3D resolutions

At DNTL, we provide quality dental services to help you bring out your best smile. So, if you are looking forward to availing of our dental care services, do not hesitate to book an appointment with us! You may also dial 347-487-4888 for your convenience.

woman with the dentist